Framed sampler, Deborah Kiplan aged 7 Years, c.1800

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Delightful sampler, signed by 7-year old Deborah Kipling, embroidered with a handsome gabled house, figure of a girl with parrot in a tree, and an elegant settle, beneath the verse:

‘Let children that would fear the Lord Hear what their
Teachers say with Rev’rence meet their parents word and
with delight obey Have not your heard what dreadful Plagues
Are the threaten’d by the Lord To him that breaks his father’s law
Or Mocks his Mother’s word What heavy Guilt upon him lies
How cursed is his name! The Raven’s shall pick out his eyes
And eagles eat the same. But those who worship God and give
their parents honor due here on this earth long shall
live and live hereafter too, Deborah Kiplan aged 7 Years’

Circa 1800

Condition: Has been recently conserved & framed, with obvious damage to backing & slight loss to stictching obvious; displays well.

46 x 41cm




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