French porcelain twin handled sauceboat, cornflower sprigs, c.1780

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French porcelain sauce boat of lobed couple spouted form, the twin handles of double twist design, the whole decorated with green, blue and red cornflowers, within a gold line rim. Partial mark, CP beneath a crown, Paris, probably Comte d’Artois’ factory, C.1780


rim chip repaired


21x16cm, 8.5th high


The partial mark is tantalizing, but seems to indicate the piece is an example of the porcelains made at the factory first founded on Rue du faubourg Saint-Denis, by Pierre-Antoine Hannog in 1772. This concern had hit hard times, and came under the patronage of Charles Phillippe, compte d'Artois, in 1779. The 1780's were a period of great change for the Paris porcelain factories, as they sought to overthrow the monopoly the royal Sevres factory had on the use of colour. While small motifs, such as the cornflowers of this piece, were overlooked, any large scale flower or figural work was actually forbidden outside the King's factory. With the help of their patron, the Atrois factory was able to secure the rights to use colour in 1787. ref. Dawson -British Museum, p351 for a write up on this interesting concern.

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