French treen snuff box, Legion of Honour + battle scene, c. 1814-30

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French treen (pressed wood) snuff box, decorated both sides with embossed images, one with the ‘Legion of Honour’ medal bearing the head of Henry IV, the other with a Napoleonic battle scene.
Inscribed to both sides ‘SEURAT a PARIS
datable to 1814-30

Good condition
8cm, 2cm high

The Legion of Honour medal helps to date this box; while Napoleon appears in the centre of the medal after he created the award in 1802, on restoration of the Bourbon King Louis XVIII in 1814 meant another candidate had to be found. Henry IV, the popular 16th-early 17th century King of France was chosen, and remained until the overthrow of the Bourbons in favour of King Louis Phillipe I in 1830. This box therefore dates 1814-30




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