Fukutaro Terauchi, Large Watercolour of Mount Fuji, 1930’s

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Large Japanese watercolour of Mount Fuji, viewed across a wooded landscape with pine tree in the foreground.

Signed lower right ‘Terauchi’

Circa 1930’s


Fukutaro Terauchi (1891-1964) is an enigmatic artist, or artists, active from the 1930’s into the 1960’s. Their items are very much Western in style, and made for sale to tourists. There is speculation the name was shared by a workshop of artists – but there are clear groups of signed works that are by the same hand. With some known signed with ‘Fukutaro Terauchi’, speculation is that there were two artists with this name – a father and son? – starting in the 1930’s , and after quite WWII years, starting again in the 1950’s, with some examples firmly dated to the very early 1970’s.




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