German Pewter snuff box, portrait of General Hans Joachim von Zieten, circa 1770

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German pewter snuff box, the lid moulded with the portrait of a military man in profile, thought to be the Prussian General, Hans Joachim von Zieten, within a circular frame with swag design ,the rim with a dentil moulding, the sides with bands of beaded moulding. Unmarked, circa 1770


some wear & damage


7x5cm, 2cm high


Hans Joachim von Zieten (1699-1786) was Frederick the Great's most trusted general, winning many of the battles that shaped Europe during the Seven Years War (1756-63). He was a slight figure, with a long face and prominent nose, and his voice was high pitched. No-one dared mock him though, as he had an enormous sense of pride, and apparently fought in 74 duels in his lifetime! He became something of a hero to the large number of soldiers in the Prussian army, and a snuff box such as this pewter example is the kind a regimental soldier would have had.

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