Greek pottery Lekythos, net pattern, Apulian c. 350 BC


Greek pottery Lekythos, decorated in black with a ‘net’ pattern to the body, with white dots at each junction, the neck with vetruvian scroll border and ‘ray’ pattern to the neck. South Italian, Apulian, 4th – 3rd century BC


minor wear only


10cm high


The net pattern painted on here is thought to represent an actual woven reed netting that was woven around pottery vessels to make them a bit more robust. When you consider the great distances these vessels were traded over, often with precious oil contents, it makes perfect sense. Provenance: from the collection of the diplomat Alfons Kula (1903-76), chargé d'Affaires for Poland in Egypt in the 1930's, who came out to Australia after WWII.

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