Grouse-Foot Scottish Kilt Pin with glass ‘gem’, mid 20th c.

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Scottish Kilt Pin, made from a Grouse foot with silvered metal cap, with a deer’s head and amber coloured glass gem inset.
Silver-coloured metal marked ‘MIZPAH’ & two hearts pierced by an arrow, maker unknown.

Mid 20th century

Condition: good, wears well.


This is an actual preserved foot of a Grouse, a popular game bird. These ‘feet’ were considered a lucky charm, especially good for successful hunts, but helpful in other every-day situations as well. They were worn by both men and women on kilts, shawls, sashes and cloaks and given as a sign of affection or worn as lucky charms.
‘Mizpah’ is a Hebrew word, meaning ‘watchtower’: it became popular as a charm in the Victorian era, engraved on rings and jewellery as a way of invoking good luck.



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