Head of Georges Danton, French Revolutionary faience jug, c. 1795

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Rare French Faience head jug, perhaps Revolutionary and showing a satyrical depiction of the head of Georges Jacques Danton, President of the Committee for Public Safety, dressed with patriotic red, white & blue around his neck, created as an ironic response to his last words as he faced the guillotine in 1794:

Show my head to the people – it is well worth seeing……

Circa 1795


The likeness to Danton is striking, when compared to contemporary images drawn from life or published shortly after. The jug is  an image of ironic satire when his last words are considered – regarding his handsome head…. during his time in power with the revolutionaries, he was responsible for a fomidible number of guillotine beheadings…. and here he was, the much feared head of security, facing his own medicine!

Georges Jacques Danton 1759-94
Georges Jacques Danton 1759-94
French Faience Head of Danton, c. 1795
French Faience Head of Danton, c. 1795


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minor flaws


29.5cm h.


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