Indian- Nepalese bronze Sukunda oil lamp, 19th century or earlier

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Indian- Nepalese bronze Sukunda oil lamp, the handle with a five-headed cobra framing the head of a deity (Vishnu or Naga Devatha), a further deity at the head of the protruding rectangular ‘spout’ lamp, the bulbous oil vessel on a spreading foot, with lobed body and wide flared petal collar to the short neck, the rim with triangular piercing.

19th century or earlier


14cm high

Excellent condition with minor casting flaws & signs of usage.


Sukunda lamps are indigenous to the Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley and play an important role in most rituals, including birth, marriage and death rituals.

The body of the vessel holds the oil; this is ladled out and placed into the dish at the front, which holds the wick of the lamp.




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