Indian style brass tray with fine incised design with red ground, KINCO UK, c. 1925

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Quality Indian-style brass tray, the octagonal form decorated with bands of finely incised scrollwork & flowerheads, reminiscent of a Persian rug, with red pigment background.
Incised mark ‘KINCO’,
for the ‘British Metal Company’, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, UK

c. 1925


This British-made piece echos the fine quality Indian products of the 18th-19th century, and was created to a high quality as a ‘replica’: an original 1926 description of their products declares:
“’All the ‘Kinco’ designs are actual reproductions, faithful in the tiniest detail to the world famous originals of known masters.  They are made in heavy brass.’”
Some designs were Chinese, some Japanese (after Christopher Dresser designs), and many had an Indian origin, like this piece. ‘Kinco’ seems to have been used between the Wars as their mark, with ‘Made in England’ appearing post- WWII.




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