Irish delft plate, bowl of flowers, Dublin c.1760

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Dublin delft plate, painted with a large central bowl of flowers within a scrollwork border, the rim with four daoist emblems, the back plain and unmarked.


circa 1760


Condition: the rim worn with several old worn chips


This pattern was copied directly from Chinese porcelain exports of the mid-18th century, by several English makers as well as Dublin. In the V&S ‘Delftware’ book, B127 is an octagonal bowl with the same pattern, but quite different in details. Much closer in comparison are the set of 12 illustrated in ‘Irish Delftware’ p70; these are Dublin production, and show the variations within a single factory of artists; several of these share identical details, such as leaf outlines, with this example. A comparison on pl 13 is less obvious in the sample chosen – but very different to the Liverpool example they chose.

Comparison with the body and glaze of known Irish pieces in our stock/collection further reinforce this attribution.


expected rim frits only


23.5 cm


The central panel is a penjing, or a -landscape in a dish-. ref. V&A C.44-1977 (p179 in the delftware book) for the pattern on an octagonal probably Liverpool plate, c.1745-65. The Bristol collection has a round plate, same pattern with a slight difference to the well border, item G122, probably Liverpool 1750.

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