Japanese Satsuma tea kettle, rare ‘Minogame’ Turtle form , signed Makuzu Kozan , c. 1900


Satsuma style tea kettle, in the form of a mythical Minogame (ancient Turtle) standing four-square on short feet, the shell segments brightly decorated with patterns, precious objects, and flowers, the lid bearing a tiny offspring, a large curling ‘wave’ arching over as the handle, the mouth the spout.

Makuzu Kozan

circa 1900

20.5cm nose to tail, 16cm high
minor wear

The Kozan studio created some of the finest wares to be made in Japan, earning the title of Imperial Artist to the Japanese Court in 1897. They represented Japanese Art in the various World Fairs of the period, and Makuzu Kozan has been described as ‘Japan’s Greatest Potter’ !




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