Jean Baptiste PERRONNEAU (1716-83) -Pastel portrait of Jeanne-Marie Mallès, Dated 1751 Fresh Discovery!

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Jean Baptiste PERRONNEAU (1716-83)
Pastel portrait Jeanne-Marie- Mallès, aged 18, as ‘Dianna the Huntress’, with crescent moon to the top her head, an arrow in her hand taken from a quiver visible on her back, the end of a bow visible at left of the image.

Signed and Dated 1751,

In a later frame, behind perspex.

Stretcher 42x52cm

Condition: some loss to pigments evident, surface now conserved, perspex has some marks to the inside sure ( should be replaced for clarity). Displays well.

Regarded by leading expert Neil Jeffares as one of the two ‘best pastel portraitists‘ of the 18th Century (alongside M. de La Tour 1704–1788). The Perronneau family came from Brittany, placing Perronneau in that region in the early 1750’s.

Jeanne-Marie Mallès was from a seafaring family, her father being a Captain in the East Indies Company. However, he died in 1744; Jean-Marie was fatherless when this portrait was done in 1751, and it was 7 years later she was married to Toby Clarke (1733–1821), merchant of Nantes. They had several children, and a daughter, Marie, married François-Claude de Karuel de Merey, capitaine d’infanterie, who died in 1804 – the year Napoleon crowned himself Emperor – probably no coincidence, with the war with England and Spain raging.

Jean Baptiste Perronneau is rarely seen outside important collections.

ref. Jeffares ‘Dictionary of pastellists before 1800’ online edition, in the list of sitters noted: “Mme Tobie CLARKE, née Jeanne-Marie Mallès (1733-1821): Perronneau”

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