Large Ridgway earthenware centrepiece, grape moulded, pattern 612 circa 1820

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Handsome large white earthenware centerpiece, the oval form on low foot, the lobed rim with twin grape moulded handles, hand painted with a wide band of oriental roses on a turquoise ground, within brown line rims.
Ridgway, circa 1820

34×22.5cm, 13cm high

some minor wear to enamels, otherwise great

ref. ‘Guide to Ridgway Porcelains’ Godden . 31 , pl 30 for the Porcelain version of this shape. Ridgway made both pottery & porcelain and sometimes shared moulds across the two bodies; the retail price of Pottery would have been considerably less than the porcelain version due to the increased firings & cost of materials in Porcelain production.




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