Large Staffordshire arbour group – Robbie Burns & Highland Mary, c. 1865

$195.00 AUD

Large Staffordshire Pottery flatback group, modelled as a landscape with bridge & stream to the left, a rocky outcrop occupied by Highland Mary & her Scotsman,  a small dog at their feet, with a high arch of tree trunk with occasional ‘shredded clay’ foliage overhead, the whole picked out in enamels.

Circa 1865

33cm high, 18cm wide at base

ref. Harding  1, p 37, #63.


Condition: back arch broken & re-stuck, various other cracks along right side; displays well.

There’s usually a swan on the water by the bridge; however, there’s never been one applied in this exam – or it came off in the biscuit firing & the space was simply glazed over!




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