Leatherbound ‘Sketches’ by I. Hunter Donaldson, presented to John Johnstone, privately printed 1903


Isaac Hunter Donaldson,

‘Sketches’, a leather bound volume of writings and photographic replicas of Donaldson’s art, inscribed inside the cover

“To Mr & Mrs Johnstone, with most sincere wishes for their health, happiness, prosperity.
From J. Hunter Donaldson”

Privately printed London 1903

Cover: 24 x 19cm

Condition: good, signs of age to cover edges

Inside front cover is dedication inscription from J. Hunter Donaldson to “Mr & Mrs John Johnstone”.
This would appear to be local Geelong man, John Cunningham Johnstone, who attended Geelong College in 1863 and was junior master there. His career led to Scotch College, Melbourne, where he would have been at the beginning of the 20th century.

Isaac Hunter Donaldson (1826–1913) was a notable British Artist best known as the ‘public face’ of the great Interiors firm, Gillow & Company. This firm was one of the most sought-after amongst those who could afford the best, and received a Royal Warrant for the many Royal residences it furnished. He became a manager there in 1862, and left in 1886. His career after this was as an ‘interior designer’, and all-round champion of the arts. How his path intersected with John Johnston, if the Melbourne man by that name outlined above is unknown.




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