Leeds red ware coffee pot, Rococo sprigging, c. 1765

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Redware coffee pot, with rococo sprigging including a ‘man-in-the-moon’, acanthus leaf moulded spout, and distinct rococo handle with basketweave.

Unmarked, attributed to Leeds,

Circa 1765


minor losses to sprigging




The features of this vessel give clues to its origins; there is an engine-turned ‘Leeds’ coffeepot in the definitive 2005 book ‘THE LEEDS POTTERY’, which the author tentatively calls Leeds due to an impressed ‘LP’. If this is correct, the handle matches an example in the Rosenberg Collection, Geelong; this bears a generic ‘impressed seal’ mark, but also is decorated with rococo sprigs. These sprigs are an exact match for those on this current pot. In the 2014 Moorabool catalogue there was another example with the same distinct handle, with engine turned decoration and an eagle head as the spout, providing us with a group of linked potential ‘Leeds’ redwares. Certainly, the quality is high, as would be expected from this premier 18th century pottery maker.

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