Limbach plate, painted with Meissen style dec, C. 1775

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Rare Limbach plate, painted to the center with a large Watteauesque scene of Ladies & Gents in landscapes, surrounded by flower sprigs and insects within a wide gold stylized foliage border over finely moulded Rococo panel. Blue crossed ‘L’s’ mark & star,Circa 1775,


rim chip


26cm wide


This mark is often mistaken for Meissen, and while the proprietor of Limbach, Gotthelf Greiner, justified his mark as the crossed L's of Limbach. In reality they are almost identical to Meissen's crossed swords and star of the Marcolini period, and were probably passed off as such. After complaints from Meissen, in 1787 he changed to his coat of arms, a clover leaf.

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