Limoges enamel Art Nouveau vase, fuchsia flowers, by Alexandre Marty, c.1920


Limoges enamel Art Nouveau vase, by Alexandre Marty (1876-1943), the elegant funnel form with very long stem and small spreading foot, enamelled over silver foil with realistic fuchsia branches to the rim, the flowers hanging down the body, the background graduating to a dark blue at the foot.
Signed to the foot ‘A MARTY Limoges’
Circa 1920

15.5cm high
restorations to enamel along deep-blue foot, also upper body along flowers & leaves.

Alexandre Marty (1876-1943) was an artist working with Camille Fauré in Limoges from 1919. Fauré’s designs were extremely popular luxury goods, and flowers such as those seen on this vase were a favourite. It is an earlier piece as it conforms to Fauré’s designs rather closely, in the ‘Art Nouveau’ style; by the end of the 1920’s, Marty was creating extraordinary Art Deco pieces, and he parted ways with Fauré in order to do so in 1925.




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