Longton Hall ‘Abbess’ or Nun, circa 1755


Longton Hall figure of an Abbess, shown seated reading a large leather bound book titled ‘Absolution’, her black coat with a pink lining.

Unmarked, circa 1755


one foot tip restored, otherwise good, with kiln dirt & blistering


13cm high


ref. Watney, 'Longton Hall Porcelain', fig. 57A. for the type, described as an 'Abbess'. The depiction of an obviously Catholic religious group is unusual for the English porcelain works, but quite a few produced similar figures of catholic monks and nuns . Perhaps the answer lies in the earlier examples that inspired them, with the first being modelled at Meissen by Kändler in the 1740's. English factories copied these desirable expensive German imports, including these religious figures - although sales were probably much fewer than shepherds & shepherdess pairs, judging by their rarity!

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