Large Meissen charger with Kakiemon Schmetterling ‘Butterfly’ pattern, c.1740

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Large Meissen charger, of petal-lobed rim form, painted in the Kakiemon manner with the ‘Schmetterling’ (butterfly) pattern, with three large sprays of flowering plants and a small central butterfly, the rim with three small sprays and three further butterflies, the whole with numerous small leaves and flowers painted over firing flaws, within a brown line rim.

Blue crossed swords with dots at the pommels, impressed 20, also inscribed // to the footrim.

Circa 1740

A fine early example of the Schmetterling, or Butterfly pattern. On smaller plates, the butterfly is very large and the main feature; on this large serving plate it is depicted on a smaller scale than the smaller plates, and the secondary sprigs are the larger elements.
The // inscribed to the footrim is from the maker of the plate, and indicates a late 1730’s date – this mark is not seen as often in the 1740’s productions.


rim chip restored


30cm wide


ref. Size collection #97 for a dinner plate in this pattern. As a serving dish, the pattern has been adapted; the butterfly remains in the center, but has lost the branch it rests on, and the distinct rim sprigs have been relocated to the center, and enlarged; note in particular the blue leafed plant with purple ball flowers which is bound together with a blue ribbon. The inscribed // is a workmans mark that appears on pieces from the 1730-40 period, for example Syze # 96 & #65.

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