Meissen ewer with ladies bust handle, C. 1745


Meissen ewer, in the French taste, the elegant lobed form with a female bust modelled by Johan Gottlieb Ehder, 1745, painted with large sprays of Diechblumen flowers, the bust picked out in naturalistic colours. Crossed swords mark, Circa 1745


firing flaw to handle base, no lid.


21cm high


ref. Arnhold Collection #265 for a similar example, with a lid, also Gillmeister collection #75, and Ware: German & Austrian Porcelain fig 33 for a lidless example in the Ware Collection. The lip is intended to have a metal mount for a lid, and it would have been coupled with a basin; decoration & form suggest an intended customer base in France. There is a Mennecy copy dating to the 1760’s. Johan Gottlieb Ehder is recorded modelling this handle in factory records.

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