Meissen figure of the muse Terpsichore, by Kaendler, C. 1745

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Meissen group of large size, depicting Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance and Lyrical Poetry, from a series of the nine Greek muses (the daughters of Zeus); depicted seated on a rocky outcrop playing a large lute, a book and bagpipes at her feet, a young girl and boy dancing to one side, with a tree with leaves and fruit to the other, the whole picked out in lifelike enamels and gilt highlights. Crossed swords mark to base, Modelled by J. J. Kaendler, circa 1745


restorations & loses


20cm high, 15cm wide


ref. Adams - Meissen Figures - p129 for discussion & p130 for illustration of some of the muses, Adams - Meissen Portrait Figures p79 for one more: this example is not illustrated in the literature, and is one of the 3 missing muses..... The original set of 9 along with a figure of Apollo were ordered by Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in 1744, and the order was fulfilled by Kaendler

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