Meissen plate, Sulkowsky moulded with ‘Korean Lion’ pattern, c.1740

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Meissen plate, with Sulkowsky moulded basket-weave rim, painted in the Kakiemon manner with the ‘Korean Lion’ pattern, with the winged creature to one side, vegetation and a large beetle to the other, a crane flying overhead, the border panels with alternating insects and flower sprigs.
Crossed swords mark,
circa 1740

23cm diameter

Base with faint hairline, some wear to enamels.


This design is loosely based on Japanese Kakiemon decoration, but no exact prototype has ever been found. It is therefore most probably a Meissen factory creation. The Sulkowski-Ozier moulded border is regarded as the work of Kaendler, developed by him for the famous Sulkowski service in 1735.

The small differences between different examples of this pattern are explained by close-up examination; most random flowers or leaves are placed over flaws in the porcelain, typical of this early period. The large brown beetle and surrounding flowers in this example are strategically placed over a large ground patch where something has attached to the glaze in the kiln.

ref. Hans Syz Collection #75 for a similar example, also Wark Collection #274.
Provenance: ex-Rosenberg Collection, Geelong




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