Mosasaur Tooth, Morocco, 100 Million Years Old

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Fossil Tooth from a Mosasaur, with seven large & three small teeth, set into a rock matrix with bone jawline.

Liodon anceps species,

Late Cretaceous period, Morocco,

100- 66 Million Years Old.


Mosasaur was a marine dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous. They were similar in many ways to a modern dolphin, breathing air and giving birth to live young; however, they were mostly much larger – 4m to 13m, species dependant. With peglike teeth, their diet was obviously seafood, and ammonite fossil shells have been found neatly punched with their teethmarks, indicating the squid-like ammonite was on the diet also.





The Mosasaur was a large marine reptile, air breathing & used its tail for propulsion. They probably relied on ambush predation, much like a crocodile, and they are known to have eaten ammonites - the shells of which sometimes show the distinct line of a Mosasaur's teeth puncturing through as the result of a savage bite. They were the dominant predator of the Cretacious seas.

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