Myanmar/Burmese Kammavaca Scripture, 19th century

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Myanmar/Burmese Kammavaca Scripture, of long rectangular form, richly decorated.
16 inscribed pages, some double-sided, inscribed in black ‘magyi zi’ lacquer (made from tamarind seed) script, plus front & back covers, the whole with red lacquer ground illustrated in gilt with scenes from Buddha’s life, along with original woven binding ribbon woven with a ‘sarsekyo’ prayer.

19th century

each leaf 15x61cm
minor wear to gold & edges of leaves

A Kammavaca is a highly ornamental type of manuscript commissioned by lay members of society as a work of merit, to be presented to monasteries when a son enters the Buddhist Order as a novice or becomes ordained as a monk.

Provenance: Purchased Burma late 20th century; for an identical one see:

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