Nuremberg Chronicle leaf, Latin edition with Turk, Saint Eucherius, 1493

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Nuremberg Chronicle leaf, folio CLXV recto from the Latin edition by Anton Koberger,
‘The sixth age of the world’, describing events in Europe in the 5th century,
including illustration of King Pepin, Saint Eucherius of Lyons (c.380-449) and a Turk in costume.

Printed Nuremberg, 1493

visible 23x35cm, frame 48x61cm

The Liber Chronicarum by Hartmann Schedel printed in Nuremberg by Anton Koberger in 1493, or Nuremberg Chronicle as it is generally called, is one of the most important German incunables and the most extensively illustrated book of the 15th century.

The text is a universal history of the Christian world from the beginning of times to the early 1490s, written in Latin by the Nuremberg physician and humanist Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514) on commission from the Nuremberg merchants Sebald Schreyer (1446-1520) and Sebastian Kammermeister (1446-1503).

The printer, Anton Koberger, was the Godfather to the young Albrecht Dürer. In the years leading up to the printing of the immense work, Dürer was apprenticed to Michael Wolgemut, a woodblock maker who was commissioned to contribute illustrations to the work. Speculation has continued as to which illustrations Dürer could have been involved with.




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