Pair of Coalport bough pots, flowers & cherries by Baxter studio, c. 1805

Pair of Coalport bough pots of large size, dramatically painted in the Baxter studio, London, with large panels of flowers on a black ground, within a moulded pillared frame richly picked out in gold, the slender side panels with finely detailed bowls of cherries in gilt tazzas supported by acanthus brackets in unusual red & gold, with pendant swags of fine foliage. Unmarked, circa 1810


One with original firing cracks to base and central crack to painted panel well restored, liners absent.


22x17cm, 11cm deep


This form of bough pot has a central moulded rectangular panel with a 'frame' surround, usually decorated with an enclosed scene & gilt rim; in this case the decorator has disregarded the moulding and thickly painted over the entire panel. This form appears from time to time, described as Chamberlains Worcester, English, and, Staffordshire porcelain. Comparison with Coalport paste of the early 19th century shows a close match to known forms, and so a Coalport attribution is most likely. The style of the flower painting is distinctively that of the Baxter workshop in Gough Square, London. While they painted on many bodies, including Chamberlains Worcester, they are well documented using Colaport blanks, another support for the Colaport attribution of these pieces. The side panels of cherries are exceptional,

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