Paragon China Commemorative plate ‘H.M.A.S Sydney’ BRAVO AUSTRALIA WWI 1914


WWI commemorative plate, with hand-coloured print of HMS Sydney and a portrait of Captain John Glossop, titled “BRAVO AUSTRALIA”


“Captain John C.T. Glossop of H.M.A.S Sydney who destroyed the Enden”


“The ship which destroyed the ‘Enden'”

Mark ‘Allied Navies Series, Paragon China England / Registration Applied for’


Circa 1920

Condition; Minor signs of age, 2 small ‘bald patches’ where glaze was missed on reverse rim, displays well.

These commemoratives for ‘H.M.A.S. SYDNEY (I) relate to one of Australia’s iconic stories; a light cruiser built in 1912, it was a formidable piece of technology in WWI which became a legend when it destroyed the German cruiser Emden in what is remembered as ‘Australia’s first victory at sea’.
The Emden had been sulking around South-East Asia causing major problems for the Allies, in a short time sinking or capturing 25 allied steamers, a Russian cruiser and a French destroyer. A dozen Allied warships were tied up in the region searching for a German battleship; the Germans had added an extra funnel to the Emden, and were masquerading as an Allied ship! Their next target was the station in the Cocos Islands, housing the all-important cable that connected the Pacific – and Australia- to Europe. On the 9th November, 1914, the Sydney came across the Emden, and successfully pounded it into submission.




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