Paris Porcelain plate with superb countryside scene, prob. Nast, circa 1810

$1,450.00 AUD

Paris Porcelain plate with superb scene, depicting a mounted rider receiving a cup from a woman from a house he has stopped at, a coach to one side and a dog running in the foreground, the countryside stretching out behind, within a wide gold band and rim with tooled gold & enamel flower head & leaf border

Attributed to Nast,
circa 1810

Some light touch-ups to enamels & gold, good condition.

The quality of the painting narrows the possible makers to a few Paris firms, and the detailing of the border with tooled gold detailing is very close to Nast examples. The small ‘pimple’ in the center of the base ( a spur mark from the glazing support ) , the profile of the plate, and the unglazed footrim are all typical of other marked Nast pieces, often with the same superb painted panels of different subjects. It is not uncommon to find unmarked pieces, often only a few pieces in a service bear the mark of the maker.




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