Pre-Columbian Chancay ‘chick’ vessel, Peru, 1100-1500AD

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Pre Columbian Chancay culture pottery vessel, modelled as a fledgling with chubby body and outstretched wings, the mouth open & forming a pouring spout, the inlet a circular hole in the ack, two short feet & tail providing  stable sitting position, painted with dark slip stripes.

Central Peru, pre-Inca,

Circa 1100-1500AD


The Chancay Culture flourished in the central Peru valleys from around 1000 AD, and interacted through trade with all the local cultures. Prolific in textiles and ceramics, they are charming in their expressive, stylized forms – particularly pleasing to the modern eye. The culture was ‘absorbed’ by the rapid expansion of the Inca culture in the mid 15th century, which was in turn overthrown by the arrival of the Europeans.


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