Quality ‘Grand Tour’ bronze ewer, ‘seahorse’ handle and dolphins, 19th century

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‘Grand Tour’ bronze ewer, in the Greek oinochoe style, the ribbed egg-form body on a small spreading foot, the tall neck with trifoil lip, a ‘sea-horse’ with saw-tooth back modelled as the long handle, it’s hooves straddling the rim, the lower terminal with two ‘dolphins’ straddling.
19th century or earlier

Excellent condition with original patinated finish, loss at horse’s shoulders, section of side has been re-inserted, a very good display piece.

25.5cm high

A heavy piece, very well cast & patinated.
Age is difficult to establish; it’s an accurate copy of an Ancient Roman example, and made the same way. The latest we feel it could be is c. 1900, an early 19th century date the most probable – but it could also be much earlier: the Renaissance was fascinated with Roman pieces like this, and there was an active industry in Italy manufacturing such ancient looking pieces from the 16th century onwards. The ‘Grand Tourist’ visiting from England could therefore take a piece home – probably believing it was a genuine antiquity….




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