Queen Victoria Royal Service Windsor Castle plate, Minton 1877


Rare Royal Service plate, from a service made for Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle, with finely moulded wreath rims containing her Royal cypher ‘VR’ within the Order of the Garter, along with five crests superbly painted around the rim, including the Dragon of Wales, the Harp of Ireland, the Thistle of Scotland, and a Sun and a Greyhound, the rim with a dentil gold edge.

Retailers mark for Mortlocks , Oxford Street.

Impressed ‘MINTON’ and date code for 1877.

The literature notes:

“Broken plates from the service were repaired and given to servants as tokens of thanks. “

This example is perfect, and was originally one of 4 in the stock of Moorabool Antiques, Geelong, in the 1990’s.




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