Rare Ancient Egyptian bronze tanged arrowhead, 20th-22nd Dynasty, 1200-800 BC


Rare Egyptian bronze arrowhead, of tanged triangular form with long barbs & distinct raised knob at base of head.

20th-22nd Dynasty,

1200-800 BC

Bronze 7cm , total 7.5cm high when in stand

Condition: encrusted, with sand adhesion, surface is stable, tip damaged .

Provenance: from a collection formed in Alexandria, Egypt, early 20th century, sold at auction in London (Bonhams) 1990’s.


ref. Flinders Petrie, ‘Tools and Weapons’ (1917) pl. XLII 201-2 – categorized as ‘Rhombic Profile, Greece & Egypt, 1200-800 B.C.’

The distinct knob at the base of the head is a characteristic of these Egyptian bronze arrowheads, but is also found in Greek contexts in the region. It shows the close contact of the Greek & Roman worlds, which culminated with the Greek ‘Pharaohs’ of the Ptolemaic period, beginng with Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt in 332 BC.

bronze 5.5cm. on stand 7.5cm




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