Rare Bow ‘double leaf’ dish, brocade pattern onglaze, c. 1755

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Rare Bow dish of double-leaf form, boldly painted with a brocade pattern featuring thick on-glaze blue panels with reserved red chrysanthemum mons, framing kakiemon style flowering plant panels, the centre with a band of scrolling flowers & foliage reserved on a blue band, around a gilt mon.


Circa 1755


Condition: Small chips, short hairline, various original firing faults & rifts to the paste typical of Bow. 


An unusual form rarely seen at Bow; an example was exhibited in the ‘Treasury of Bow’ exhibition #79 is one of the few illustrated in the literature, decorated in the ‘Quail’ pattern c. 1754-56. The thick blue is unusual, but is consistent with the blue seen on the tree & quail of the more common ‘Quail’ pattern.

The porcelain is a beautiful white & very translucent, but has noticeable tears and flaws in the paste.

The shape is taken directly from Japanese originals of the late 17th century, or more likely from Meissen examples of the 1740’s that were copied from Augustus’s own expensive imported Japanese examples. Chelsea and Derby also made a double leaf, but it differed in form.




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