Rare French trompe l’œil coffee can, ‘print’ on wood, Tournai c.1785


French trompe l’œil coffee can & saucer, with hand-painted faux bois decoration of a print depicting herders amongst ruins, set onto a pine board backing with large red dobd of ‘sealing wax’ holding it in place, a black line to the rims.
Incised character,
attributed to Tournai,
Circa 1785

Good condition. 6cm high

ref. Guillebon ‘Faience et Porcelain de Paris’ p 162 for a similar Locre example, c.1780, with the ‘Sealing wax’ fixing points.
Niderville Nymphenburg and Vienna also made similar wares, but few of them are ‘unfolded’ like this example, as they couln’t resist bending over a corner of the print!




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