Rare Wedgwood ‘Roso Antico’ Teapot, prunus & bamboo moulded, c. 1820

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Rare Wedgwood ‘Roso Antico’ Teapot, beautifully decorated all over with shallow moulded ‘Chinese Flowers’ prunus & bamboo design, the lid with a twig knop, the pot with a crabstock handle & spout.

Impressed ‘WEDGWOOD’,

Circa 1820

Condition: excellent, with a small flaw to the side of the spout lip – partially done at time of manufacture. No restoration. Displays very well.

The shape is included in the 1817 Catalogue (compiled 1815 + 16) still  in the Wedgwood archives; however, it is among the handful of un-numbered plates included at a later date. Robin Reilly illustrates the page in Vol. II of ‘WEDGWOOD’, p549 and suggests the date of these plates is circa 1835; however, he mis-identifies the pattern, describing it as a ‘Teapot with moulded prunus ornament’. It is in fact the ‘Chinese Flowers’ pattern, which appears in the early 19th century as a sprigged version, usually white on Rosso Antico or dark brown ground. This adaptation simplifies the process by including it in the moulds for the pot, saving the extra step of hand-applying the design.

‘Crabstock’ is a term used for a twig-like component in a vessel such as a twig handle or spout. In the 18th century records, ‘Crab tree’ is the term used, giving us the origin: the gnarled branches of a crab-apple tree.

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