Ridgeway ‘Price of Glanwilly’ Armorial plate, c. 1830

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Ridgway Armorial dessert service plate, the lobed rim with five moulded grape bunches picked out in gold, painted with scattered flowers around a central gilt ring with central crest of a running wolf, for Price of Glangwilly, Wales.
Pattern no. 609,
Circa 1830

short rim crack

The crest – A Wolf Rampant – matches that of Price of Glanwilly, with their motto being ‘SPES TUTISSIMA COELIS’ (The safest hope is in heaven), which when combined with the date of these Ridgway plates, allows us to name John-Lloyd Price Esq. of Glangwilly, a Welsh Magistrate and High Sherriff in 1840.




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