Robbie Burns Mauchline ware blotter cover, 6 Burns images, c. 1870

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Rare Mauchline ware blotter case, the rectangular form decorated to both sides with black prints of Robbie Burns significant, including a central portrait of Burns, an inscription below reading:

‘Made of wood which grew near Alloway Kirk, on the banks of the Doon’.

Circa 1870

Prints titled: ‘Interior of the Burns monument, Dumfries’ Burns Monument, Dumfries’ ; ‘Cottage in which Burns was born, Alloway, Kirk’   ‘Burns’ monument’.

15.5cm x 22.5cm

Condition: some marks to the wood & wear to prints; back brass clasp absent;

Robbie Burns lived in Mauchline, Scotland, when first married in 1788.

There is currently a ‘Robbie Burns House Museum’ located in Mauchline in the house they lodged, 1784-8-with interiors set up just as they were when he spent some of his most fertile writing years there – right where wooden souvenirs of ‘Mauchline ware’ were produced for places throughout the United Kingdom – and even far away in Melbourne, Australia!





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