Sampson Mordan + Co Sterling Silver mechanical pencil, mid 19th century

$265.00 AUD

Rare Samson Mordan & Company propelling pencil, the compact cylinder form with superb foliate engraving, extending to reveal internal cylinder with the same minute engraving, a cap unscrewing to the end for lead, one side with a large blank panel for an inscription, the other side marked ‘S.MORDAN & Co’.

Mid 19th century

Compacted: 6.5cm
extended: 8.8cm

excellent condition

Samson Mordon (1790-1843) is notable as one of the partners who registered the first design for these mechanical pencils in 1822. He was silversmith, apprenticed under the great Joseph Bramah, of ‘unpickable Bramah Lock’ fame. While he came to specialise in these small mechanical silver wonders, he also made a range of other small-scale objects in silver, and many related writing tools which he helped develop.

He also made a version of the famous ‘unpickable’ Brahman lock he would have been very familiar with from his apprenticeship: he named the the ‘Bramahrian Patent Lock’.




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