Scottish Porridge bowl, ‘Lilly & Rose’ pattern, Victoria Pottery c. 1875

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Scottish Porridge bowl, the straight sided form with rouletted band to foot & lip, printed in brown & painted with the ‘Lilly & Rose’ pattern (although not showing either!)
Printed wreath mark with pattern name & ‘DL&Co’,
David Lockhart & Co,
Victoria Pottery,
Circa 1875

13.5cm wide, 8.5cm high
crazed, large crack

David Lockhart founded the Victoria works in the village of Pollockshaws, south of Glasgow, in 1855. He was apparently new to the industry, but partnered with Charles Arthur, who was previously employed at the Verreville Pottery in Glasgow. He left to go to Bell’s Pottery (Glasgow) in 1865, and Lockhart continued on alone. His sons took over in 1898, and continued into the 20th century, although decorative wares dissapear arpund 1911D.L.&Co mark dates to 1876-98.




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