Serves ice cup stand ‘Soucoupe à pied’, Comte de Montmorin Service type pattern, 1788

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Rare Sèvres ‘‘Soucoupe à pied’, or ice-cream cup stand on low foot, from the ‘Comte de Montmorin’ service, decorated with three pale blue bands with fine gilt wreath decoration, the central roundel and outer reserve with an elegant meander of red & blue bell flowers spaced by leaves, the rim gilt.

Crossed ‘L’s’ mark in blue,

smudged year letter ‘LL’

for 1788


Diameter: 20.5cm
H: 3.5cm

Minor signs of age


The Comte de Montmorin was a ‘gentleman-in-waiting’ to the young Louis XVI, and by 1787 was elevated to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Navy. Louis XVI of course bankrolled the Sèvres factory, and it is no coincidence that people elevated to positions of power also purchased expensive services from the King’s porcelain factory…. it was expected!

What makes this example special is that the unique pattern was said to have been created by the Comte’s own hand…

It was a stand for ice-cream cups. The white band is the area they would have been placed, allowing the tray to hold 6.




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