Rare ‘Viking’ Period Silver Penanular brooch, 5th-8th century AD

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Rare Silver penannular brooch, the plain circular shaft with tightly scrolled terminals at the opening, a copper pin with flattened mount to ring end.

5th -8th century AD

Provenance: Astarte Galleries, London. Possibly ex- Richard Hattat Collection, with label stating discovered Shropshire, purchased London 1990’s


A rare type sometimes seen in bronze, very rare in silver. The pin is in a copper alloy, possibly originally silvered to match the body. This would have been a required part of the design, as a silver pin would have distorted due to the softness of the metal as soon as the pressure of the fabric was applied.

Penannular brooches were common throughout the Iron Age, particularly in ‘Celtic’ culture. They continued long after the Roman period, into the early Medieval period – in fact, the Scotts have preserved the type as part of their traditional dress today.

No parallel example found in England, similar to Northern European Viking-age examples.




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