Small terracotta bowl, enamelled Griffon decoration, Maw, London, c.1895.

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Small terracotta jug, with printed & enamelled decoration in the Renaissance taste, with a series of mythical animals against a turquoise scale ground, with gilt rim. Impressed ‘S’ and printed mark ‘MAW / ENGLAND / LONDON’ Circa 1895


minor marks to interior.


12.8cm W


Maw & Co was a Shropshire firm which began making tiles in the 1850’s. By the 1880’s, they were making a range of useful wares to the latest fashion- such as this piece. They used the firm of Pratt to decorated some wares, as Pratt had pioneered the multi-colour printing technique on pottery. Some wares bear the Pratt mark, others Maw & Co, and many are unmarked. The design is referred to as ‘griffon’, but lacks an eagle’s head and so should be a ‘winged lion’.

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