Staffordshire figure of ‘Princess Royal on a goat’, circa 1865

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Staffordshire figure of the young Princess Royal (Victoria) riding a goat, depicted with blue jacket & large feather in her hat, on a low plinth base with gilt line.

Circa 1865

Height: 16.5cm

Some crazing, otherwise good condition


ref. Harding vol. 1, fig.598 for an example. He notes they may not be of the royal children, and that they were made long after they were children.

She is identifiable by the three feathers in her hat, and the partner figure is the Prince of Wales – hence the feathers. Other figures appear without the three feathers

Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa was the eldest child of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, born late 1840. She became Queen of Prussia as the wife of the German Emperor Frederick III. However, he died within the same year he became Emperor, and she was then the dowager empress, with her son William II on the throne. She died shortly after her mother in 1901.

When Queen Victoria ascended the British throne in 1837, she received a fine pair of Tibetan goats as a present from the Shah of Persia. From these, a ‘Royal Goatherd’ was bred at Windsor. By the time the children were born, the goats were used to tow a miniature carriage just big enough for them to drive – and this caught the public’s imagination. These figures of children riding goats were obviously a talking point about the young royals and their childhood at Windsor.




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