Staffordshire Porcelain mug – St Cross Hospital, SPARSHOTT / WINCHESTER c.1840

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Interesting Staffordshire Porcelain mug, with gilt rim and detailing to handle, printed in brown/black with a view of St Cross, Winchester, titled beneath.

apparently an undocumented retailer,
maker unknown
Circa 1835

Excellent condition
7.8cm h

Sparshott is probably a merchant’s surname, relating to the village of Sparsholt, just out of Winchester. Apparently undocumented, we can speculate a retail shop in Winchester by the name SPARSHOTT had his pieces marked with his name.
The image of ‘St Cross Winchester’ is a ‘local view’, appropriate for selling in Winchester.
The “Hospital of St Cross & Almshouse of Noble Poverty” is amongst the oldest charitable foundations in the country, dating back to the 12th century when it was founded by the grandson of William the Conquerer, Henry of Blois. The church shown here dates to this time, and is depictd as viewed from the inner quadrangle.




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