Staffordshire ‘Schoolboy’ figure, green jacket, c.1830

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Staffordshire ‘Schoolboy’ figure, modelled standing with hands in pocket, smartly dressed in a green jacket over white breeches with gilt cuffs, on a circular plinth with green band.
Unmarked, unknown Staffordshire maker,
Circa 1830

Original firing cracks to base

ref. Godden ‘Chamberlain’s Worcester’ p242 for a very similar slightly smaller version, unglazed, described as ‘rare…. probably the schoolboy and girl mentioned in August 1827.” . In the factory records, the It differs in base type, arm position, and trunk shape.
An older Miller’s Guide has an example (from a London dealer in 2000) with the companion girl with doll, described as ‘Staffordshire figures of the Prince of Wales and Princess Royal, c.1846’ – although there is no source for this claim and it is not mentioned anywhere else….
A probable source print is titled ‘Just Breeched’, meaning the boy has reached the age where he no longer has to dress in the child’s ‘dress’ but can wear boy’s breeches!
The splitting on the base and interior of foot suggests the maker was having some issues -usually not the case with Chamberlains.




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