Sterling Silver Edward VIII Coronation souvenir spoon, 1937

$165.00 AUD

Sterling Silver commemorative spoon, made for the coronation of Edward VIII, with his profile on a disk at the tip of the handle inscribed ‘KING EDWARD VIII CROWNED 1937’.
Hallmarked for Birmingham, 1936



An interesting relic of a royal Coronation that didn’t happen- his unexpected abdication meant that firms across Britain had produced commemoratives for the expected 1937 event, but Mrs Simpson was the spammer in the works for that planned event / he abdicated on December 11th, 1936: the coronation was set to take place in May 1937.
Coins were at ‘proof’ state, and not yet in production; only a handful are known, and are therefore very expensive – but note this souvenir spoon has a most coin-like image on the handle’s disk, for a fraction the price!

Interestingly,  Edward VIII memorabilia is not uncommon in Australia, most probably because the British manufacturers had to produce & ship the goods well in advance of the coronation due to the time & distance involved.  This Sterling Silver spoon is no doubt one such item, and it seems retailers sold them anyway after the shocking Royal events of late 1936….




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