‘Stratford upon Avon Church’ print porcelain spill vase, Hilditch & Hopwood c. 1850

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Hilditch & Hopwood porcelain spill vase, with bat print titled ‘Stratford upon Avon Church’.
Circa 1850

8.4cm ht.
good condition

Identical to a ‘Shakespeare’s Monument’ spill by the same maker, suggesting they may have been a complimenting pair.
TCC pattern #16812 unattributed (yet!)

ref. N.C.S. #130 p21 for a discussion on this interesting group. Hilditch & Hopwood made these ‘tourist wares ‘ 1845-55, and for various local retailers. Moorabool has recorded SPARSHOTT and JOHN LUCK. The Hilditch attribution has come through a cup & sacuer of distinct Hilditch form, and some examples bear a mark for the retailer T. Hake – and ‘Shakespearian Relics’ .




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