‘Three Courtesans playing Music’, after Eishi Hosoda (1756-1829) Japanese Woodblock Print triptych,

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After Eishi Hosoda (1756-1829)
‘Three Courtesans playing Music’

High-quality woodblock reprint,
from some time in the Showa era,
mid-20th century, with platemarks,

30x18cm (each)
Condition: Excellent, some slight creases, good paper with bleedthrough visible on back, would mount & frame very well.

Also known as Chobunsai Eishi, first name Tokitomi, common name Taminosuke / later Yasaburo. Active as a print maker in the later 18th century, famous for these Bijin-ga portraits of tall, graceful beauties. His early 19th century career was as a painter rather than print-maker.




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